Meet Texas Guitar Great, Tone Master & Favored Nations Recording Artist, ANDY TIMMONS, as he performs at the following locations in a rare, informational clinic setting, featuring music from his latest Favored Nations release, RESOLUTION – Plus you’ll hear some phenomenal performances from his critically acclaimed release, Resolution.

Andy will share with you his secrets for getting amazing tone, featuring his favorite amplifiers, the Mesa/Boogie Lone Star & Stiletto Deuce II, along with his favorite speaker cabinets, the Mesa 2×12 and 4×12 Rectifiers. Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the world’s most incredible players perform up-close and personal and find out how you can improve your tone!

Players such as Eric Johnson, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have invited Andy to perform with them – Come to any of these events and you’ll quickly understand why…. Don’t miss it!!!

Admission is free, sponsored by Mesa/Boogie and your local Mesa/Boogie Dealer – Admission/Seating is limited and will go fast so make your plans to attend now!

For more information about these events, please contact the applicable Mesa/Boogie Dealer listed above by calling or visiting their website – For more information about Mesa/Boogie, Andy Timmons or Favored Nations, please visit the applicable website below:

August 18 Northridge Music Citrus Heights CA. 7pm

August 19 Music 6000 Olympia, WA 7pm

August 20 Long and McQuade Vancouver BC Canada 7pm

August 21 Tom Lee Music Richmond BC Canada 7pm

August 22 Mojo Music Belingham WA 7pm

August 26 Melodee Music Sterling, VA 8:30pm

August 27 Fretmill Music Roanaoke, VA 6:30pm

August 28 Richmond Music Center Richmond, VA 8pm

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